How to Live a Greener Lifestyle

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It is no longer news that the world we live in today is increasingly becoming dynamic and scuppered owing to the activities of man which have impacted negatively on the climate, plants and other engendered species. Despite the upsurge in the number of literatures seeking to explain these situations, the key question often demanding for an answer is how we as humans can change this ugly trend from a world where we and other living things feel threatened to one where we relatively feel safe.

But do we realise the fact that by simply make some few adjustments to our lifestyle the world would be a better place for us (and generations yet unborn) for several years to come. This we can achieve by adopting a cost effective lifestyle and going green in our homes, workplaces, communities and so on in line with the greenhouse gas (GHG) initiative. Hence, a number of suggestions in the form of tips have been put in place to help us go greener and by so doing cut down on our cost of living.

• Save at least 28 litres of water daily by simply not leaving the tap on while brushing your teeth.

• Save at least 5 gallons of water by using shower bath. You should consider replacing your showerhead with an efficient one to cut down on your daily water usage.

• Do away with bottled water by installing water filter for water purification so as to enhance healthy living and reduce environmental waste.

• Maintain normal room temperature by installing a heating device with thermostat as this will conserve energy and cut down on electricity cost.

• Install ceiling fans and dehumidifier for cooling your homes.

• Use energy-efficient (savers) bulbs to significantly cut down on your energy cost. Also switch any bulb that is not in use.

• Switch off your electronic devices or equipment completely when not in use, while fully charged mobile devices should be unplugged from the power outlet.

• Use energy-efficient washing machine(s) for your laundry needs.

• Switch off your freezer to allow it to de-ice as the accumulation of ice cost you more energy.

• Use your dish washer less frequent especially when the dishes aren’t much in order to avoid unnecessary use of water and energy.

• Replace or install water efficient Water Closet (WC) in your toilet to cut down on your water consumption as an average of two (2) gallons is need to flush your waste.

• Avoid washing your car(s) frequently.

• Recycle any reusable material in your home or better still you can take them to any recycling outlet close to you.

• Check and mend all leakages in your home to conserve energy and water.

• Replace and dispose any unused or aged products by either recycling or giving it out (in kind) to those who can put them to efficient use.

• Unsubscribe from any mailing list especially junk mails and seek protection of your privacy from any mailing services (see GDPR Compliance) to reduce the number of incoming junk mails.

• Use environmental friendly products to keep your home(s) tidy which could be found in departmental stores.

By just implementing these few tips our world would be better for it and our lifestyle will be enhanced in the long-term as we become energy-efficient and at the same time preserve the earth in which we live in by being greener.